Personal Care

What is personal care?

Personal care provides assistance with dressing, housekeeping, meal preparation, feeding, washing and toileting, as well as advise, encouragement and emotional and psychological support.

Who is elegible?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a statewide Medicaid program that provides an alternative way of receiving home care services, where the consumer has more control over who provides their care and how it is provided. 

Who provides the services and how do I access them?

For Medicaid-eligible persons, managed long term care HMOs' provide Medicaid funded personal care services, and New York State oversees the administration of the program. 

For a person to receive services, his or her doctor must send a completed Physician’s Order to the MLCT, which then arranges a social and nursing assessment of the individual. A nurse assessor uses the results of the assessments, together with the physician’s order, to recommend an appropriate amount, frequency and duration of services. 

The local social services office then notifies the individual of the services that will be provided. The need for services is reassessed approximately every six months. 

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